Here, I am unemployed again…


Dearst My Blog,

I am unemployed again. It is okay. To be honest, it is so good to be here again. It is an another chance to explore the earth with wide eyes open, outside the office, inside my home… I feel I can try to do what ‘Virginia Woolf’ says in her book ‘A Room of One’s Own;’  ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.’

I will try to depict and document what a young woman does with no job. I am really fond of arts&crafts especially wood paintings these days. I wish to post my humble art works. The arts&crafts will be my focus and the blog will be the tool to show my progress and hope someone else can use the information afterwards.

This is the blog to show what a young woman* does with no job.

*me, myself, it is not a generalization


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  1. Dear fellow blogger,

    I feel that we are connected in a couple of ways. I am also unemployed, but only a young woman at heart. Also my blog has the same subtitle of “Just another WordPress blog” also. It is true that the one of the benefits of unemployment is having time to do other things. Look forward to reading of your different adventures. May your time of adventures be short and sweet.


    • Dear Sue,

      Such a great comment you have made, you have no idea how you made me so happy! This is the second comment in my brand new blog:) Thank you for your support… I will look deeply into your blog as well.


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