Visiting İstanbul for first Family&Friends, second EuroLeague Women 2012 Final Eight


We went to İstanbul for the weekend. It was so beautiful… I am not that arrogant to write about İstanbul. Everybody needs to see İstanbul, it is so unique, so crowded, so lonely, all the positive things, all the passionate things, something always growing, it is always changing and it is always same… and I am not capable enough to explain this beautiful phenomenon. Please, enjoy my short photo-story…

In İstanbul as a tourist, you never feel disappointed, you can feel like ‘I never felt this way’ in a positive way…

You can feel lonely and you can be happy about that in İstanbul…

İstanbul has every colour…

I love you İstanbul…

I do not know Basketball but it was so cool to watch Basketball. Yes, I know a very small majority like women Basketball but believe me it was much much better than you think. We love it:)

I really liked the referees after I see her dancing 🙂 Beside, we were not the guest not the home so we found the referees so fair hihi.

Both, Ros Casares and Rivas Ecopolis team were so great. However, we wanted Ros Casares to win, personally I found number 6 so talented-nice and if you know her name please write here, I could not find:)

Yes, you can see cheerleader in women Basketball too, and they are not male, isn’t it ironic? They are Efes Kızları – Efes Girls and they were so good!

They were sympathetic in a very serious way!

Yeah, it was fair, both team were so successful. Congratulations, Ros Casares and Rivas Ecopolis:)

Yes, back to the airport and home. İstanbul is awesome and Ankara is not bad as well…


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