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Incoming Hand-Made Pieces


Are you one of the people telling ‘I can do better,’ ‘I can do that too,’ ‘I am gonna do that art piece better at home…’ instead of appreciating art works? I am definitely not. I want to paint more, create something everyday, sleep happy after putting crazy things together in a harmony, and I want to draw… I want to go to an art gallery everyday, and paint the illusions I see… Eventhough, I have time, I cannot do that.

Although, I have a very tolerant husband,  It is really hard to have time to live like an artist. Since, I am unemployed, it is hard not to keep on cleaning home, not looking for a job, not going stupid interviews, and telling ‘no’ to the very busy friends of yours.

Well, I could not start painting that watch below. I bought this one month ago, and I just painted yesterday night. Since, nothing is easy, I will never ever say ‘I can do better,’ ‘I can do that too,’ ‘I am gonna do that art piece better at home…’

You can always do this better. I, however learn the value of appreciation. By the way, you can paint do this better, I can be one of the reasons, this is an example to start your imagination better. To criticize what could this thing better. Indeed, I thank many creators I am gazing at their websites, they are tempting to create more…

Well, another art piece is still on progress… a champagne bottle. I started to paint three weeks ago! And, guess, It is not FINISHED yet!

Well, it is not finished…

I wish I leave the tulips white… The final result can be better…

The final sentence of this blog is; appreciate people, appreciate yourself…




Djokovic, Please Win!


Dear Djokovic,

Please win this match for my husband and Federer. Nadal is a defense player. To defense in tennis, you do not to be clever at all, you need huge muscles to run like hell. Beautiful Tennis is with only offense.

Federer is a offense player. And, yes, he is smart, talented… He knows how to play! He does not run like a uncontrolled ball and wait for the competitor’s mistake.

My husband and I love how Federer plays and hate Nadal. Therefore, you need to win this match, please please win this match now!!! Let us show good guys can win too.

The Detail Day


Behind the idea of ‘slow‘ there may be the detail. Slow city, slow food, all slow movements are encouraging to respect us, the nature and our living environment, our body…

I want to have a day it is called ‘The Detail Day.’ We need to see and percept the details. If we slow down we can be happier. I know, now I am slow as an unemployed woman. I recommend this feeling. If you want to see the detail, you are about to be slow. This is great and only experimental.

How I ended up with Portein?


Honestly, I have chosen Portein name because  first, all the names I wanted to take was gone, second, Portein sounds like ‘port’, I mean ‘portfolio,’ my  port, portfolio in here…

I see today. It says ‘Portein (Romansh: Purtagn) was a municipality in the district of Hinterrhein in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. On 1 January 2010 the municipalities of Portein, PräzSarn and Tartar merged into the municipality of Cazis[1].’  

As you can see the population of Portein is 65 at the most crowded days, so the town does not seem very popular but I am sure it is very special. If you are from Portein or you’ve been there, please send me its photos, and anything about the town to publish here, thank you…

Here, I am unemployed again…


Dearst My Blog,

I am unemployed again. It is okay. To be honest, it is so good to be here again. It is an another chance to explore the earth with wide eyes open, outside the office, inside my home… I feel I can try to do what ‘Virginia Woolf’ says in her book ‘A Room of One’s Own;’  ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.’

I will try to depict and document what a young woman does with no job. I am really fond of arts&crafts especially wood paintings these days. I wish to post my humble art works. The arts&crafts will be my focus and the blog will be the tool to show my progress and hope someone else can use the information afterwards.

This is the blog to show what a young woman* does with no job.

*me, myself, it is not a generalization