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Political Action Against Anti-Abortion Law in the Capital, Ankara


On 30th of MAy, 2012 we were about 1000 women in Ankara walking and angry to our prime minister. Shortly, he said …”Abortion is an insidious plan to eliminate a nation from the world stage”… He dreams about an anti-abortion law, these days!
We said many things to him, in short we shout “My Body, My Decision”.

There is also a champaign to protest, the new anti-abortion law will be debated in the parliament in June 2012.  You can find the details here.

And this is my contribution to the Champaign, it says; This Is Not a Chicken!!!

This is not a chicken


Sunday Humble Sunday


On Sunday, my husband gave me this beautiful flowers, my favorite. I love purple. I love him.

And, we had lovely guests for the breakfast. We prepared a yummy table:)


I painted this glass bottle for my husband. The colours present Mersin İdmanyurdu, his favorite football team. He will use this at his office.

If you want to make your life perfect, you must be loved by someone you love:) Life is easy and humble on Sunday:)

Cute Hanging Frame


It was so good to make this beautiful art project. I have no stress at all… It is such a joy to be handcraft designer.

To do this, you need time, space, decoupage finish, fabric glue, color, old ribbon, lace, and at least 3 copies of your printed medium.

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Incoming Hand-Made Pieces


Are you one of the people telling ‘I can do better,’ ‘I can do that too,’ ‘I am gonna do that art piece better at home…’ instead of appreciating art works? I am definitely not. I want to paint more, create something everyday, sleep happy after putting crazy things together in a harmony, and I want to draw… I want to go to an art gallery everyday, and paint the illusions I see… Eventhough, I have time, I cannot do that.

Although, I have a very tolerant husband,  It is really hard to have time to live like an artist. Since, I am unemployed, it is hard not to keep on cleaning home, not looking for a job, not going stupid interviews, and telling ‘no’ to the very busy friends of yours.

Well, I could not start painting that watch below. I bought this one month ago, and I just painted yesterday night. Since, nothing is easy, I will never ever say ‘I can do better,’ ‘I can do that too,’ ‘I am gonna do that art piece better at home…’

You can always do this better. I, however learn the value of appreciation. By the way, you can paint do this better, I can be one of the reasons, this is an example to start your imagination better. To criticize what could this thing better. Indeed, I thank many creators I am gazing at their websites, they are tempting to create more…

Well, another art piece is still on progress… a champagne bottle. I started to paint three weeks ago! And, guess, It is not FINISHED yet!

Well, it is not finished…

I wish I leave the tulips white… The final result can be better…

The final sentence of this blog is; appreciate people, appreciate yourself…



How to Make a Posh Present with the Cheapest Soap


I bought the cheapest soap and all I use was plaid decoupage finish, laser printed paper, the cheapest ribbon and scissors. The soap transformed in to very posh presents… I painted the soap all over with decoupage finish. Therefore, it will be so resistant to the water.

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Visiting İstanbul for first Family&Friends, second EuroLeague Women 2012 Final Eight


We went to İstanbul for the weekend. It was so beautiful… I am not that arrogant to write about İstanbul. Everybody needs to see İstanbul, it is so unique, so crowded, so lonely, all the positive things, all the passionate things, something always growing, it is always changing and it is always same… and I am not capable enough to explain this beautiful phenomenon. Please, enjoy my short photo-story…

In İstanbul as a tourist, you never feel disappointed, you can feel like ‘I never felt this way’ in a positive way…

You can feel lonely and you can be happy about that in İstanbul…

İstanbul has every colour…

I love you İstanbul…

I do not know Basketball but it was so cool to watch Basketball. Yes, I know a very small majority like women Basketball but believe me it was much much better than you think. We love it:)

I really liked the referees after I see her dancing 🙂 Beside, we were not the guest not the home so we found the referees so fair hihi.

Both, Ros Casares and Rivas Ecopolis team were so great. However, we wanted Ros Casares to win, personally I found number 6 so talented-nice and if you know her name please write here, I could not find:)

Yes, you can see cheerleader in women Basketball too, and they are not male, isn’t it ironic? They are Efes Kızları – Efes Girls and they were so good!

They were sympathetic in a very serious way!

Yeah, it was fair, both team were so successful. Congratulations, Ros Casares and Rivas Ecopolis:)

Yes, back to the airport and home. İstanbul is awesome and Ankara is not bad as well…

My Another Painted Yogurt Pots


As, I painted before, I painted glass youğurt pots again. I will re-use them as kitchen material to put şehriye (Turkish Noodles), beans etc…

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Yes, now I do not know, shall I stop here or shall I put more things like dots, little hearts or whatever? Have an idea:)

P.S. It is written something like; Home Sweet Home in Turkish; Evim Canım Evim…

After I publishes this post my sister told me to put dotes, as you see I just added them in seconds hihi:)

Sailing Tray


This tray had not nice edges so I used wood paste to have a smooth surface and then I loved the aging view, just kept it like that… The decoupage pages are from an old National Geographic magazine which I do not really appreciate due to their attitude how showing people like aliens sometimes. Like, they are normal and civilized and others not…

Anyway, this is a new technique; wood aging with wood paste, and hope you like it…

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