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Sailing Tray


This tray had not nice edges so I used wood paste to have a smooth surface and then I loved the aging view, just kept it like that… The decoupage pages are from an old National Geographic magazine which I do not really appreciate due to their attitude how showing people like aliens sometimes. Like, they are normal and civilized and others not…

Anyway, this is a new technique; wood aging with wood paste, and hope you like it…

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Aged Wood BoX


I wanted to paint a really black box while I started it. Then, I got this aged wood box with decoupage…
To have aged wood you can use an ordinary candle and sandpaper. First, paint black, then rub candle, then paint beige color, finally sandpaper…

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A Very Beautiful Day with Ebru on 8th of March International Women’s Day


Yes! It was almost perfect today. I did a beautiful thing with my so-called wood painting teacher Ebru.
She painted a chair and I painted a stool. I bought t he stool from Ikea, they are selling it for flowerpots but we will use it next to door while we are putting our shoes on.
Yes! I love being unemployed you have time to be creative and calm chats.

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Newspaper Box Bag


Yes, I did this. I hope someone will like it, at least I do:)

Do you know how can I made money out of it? If you know please tell me. I am still unemployed and do not know how to make money:)

PS; I am living in Ankara, Turkey.

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Trays for My Aunties Who Loves Silver


My Aunties loves silver, flowers, sparkling and all together.

I made them as presents for the beautiful moments together…

Washing Powder Box


Everything started with this box. I needed a box then I got unemployed.

Our bathroom is not big and beautiful, thanks to our landlord… I wanted to use a beautiful washing powder box to cheer up our bathroom. They were expensive and not nice.

I talked about that with Ebru and we came with up an idea, I could painted myself. She thought me some tricks about wood painting. Like 10 years ago my sister thought me but I nearly forgot it.

Result; I spend more money and time, but I am definitely happier:)

Make Up Box with IKEA Trees


Wood Aging + Decoupage

I’ve made this to put my make-up stuff. I used sandpaper for aging. First; painted the brown colour, then the white colour, then decoupage, and finally yacht varnish.

For decoupage, I used IKEA napkins for these geometric trees.

I did not know, if you use yacht varnish so thick, you made the white surface yellow. However, it was a beautiful mistake. My lesson; do not use  yacht varnish so thick, be patient, it is not a water based paint, needs to absorb the wood…