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Fishes in Rakı Bottle


Orhan Veli Kanık, Turkish Poetry finalize his poem with this words; ‘Bir de Rakı şişesinde balık olsam’ – ‘And a fish if I in a bottle of Rakı.’ I transformed a Rakı bottle into an aquarium. The fishes for decoupage is from our tickets, on weekend we went to see a big aquarium in Ankara, yes the tickets were damn expensive, why not use them as decoupage medium:)

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You should try Rakı, it is a hard alcoholic Turkish National drink, and you can re-use its bottle always:)


My Sister’s Altered Art


My Sister e-mailed this re-use, hand-made art piece to me. They should not say ‘Pasta is not healthy.’ On the contrary, it is is sustainable:)

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She is an interior architect. Well, inevitable result; elegantly beautiful:)

My Painted Re-Used Milk Bottles


I painted this bottles with wood painting tools. The colours, papers, decoupage glue and the milk bottles. I might add dots later. I also used ceramic decoupage under the sea shells and light house.

One decoupage trick is you might choose Plaid – Royal Coat – Decoupage Finish. It is very productive and effective. I am using it all the time and when you compare the other brands it is the best one. You may realize the bottle with lines have a flue view underneath, I did it by painting it with Plaid Decoupage Finish 1401 Clear.

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Trays for My Aunties Who Loves Silver


My Aunties loves silver, flowers, sparkling and all together.

I made them as presents for the beautiful moments together…

Make Up Box with IKEA Trees


Wood Aging + Decoupage

I’ve made this to put my make-up stuff. I used sandpaper for aging. First; painted the brown colour, then the white colour, then decoupage, and finally yacht varnish.

For decoupage, I used IKEA napkins for these geometric trees.

I did not know, if you use yacht varnish so thick, you made the white surface yellow. However, it was a beautiful mistake. My lesson; do not use  yacht varnish so thick, be patient, it is not a water based paint, needs to absorb the wood…