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The Detail Day


Behind the idea of ‘slow‘ there may be the detail. Slow city, slow food, all slow movements are encouraging to respect us, the nature and our living environment, our body…

I want to have a day it is called ‘The Detail Day.’ We need to see and percept the details. If we slow down we can be happier. I know, now I am slow as an unemployed woman. I recommend this feeling. If you want to see the detail, you are about to be slow. This is great and only experimental.


Here, I am unemployed again…


Dearst My Blog,

I am unemployed again. It is okay. To be honest, it is so good to be here again. It is an another chance to explore the earth with wide eyes open, outside the office, inside my home… I feel I can try to do what ‘Virginia Woolf’ says in her book ‘A Room of One’s Own;’  ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.’

I will try to depict and document what a young woman does with no job. I am really fond of arts&crafts especially wood paintings these days. I wish to post my humble art works. The arts&crafts will be my focus and the blog will be the tool to show my progress and hope someone else can use the information afterwards.

This is the blog to show what a young woman* does with no job.

*me, myself, it is not a generalization