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Political Action Against Anti-Abortion Law in the Capital, Ankara


On 30th of MAy, 2012 we were about 1000 women in Ankara walking and angry to our prime minister. Shortly, he said …”Abortion is an insidious plan to eliminate a nation from the world stage”… He dreams about an anti-abortion law, these days!
We said many things to him, in short we shout “My Body, My Decision”.

There is also a champaign to protest, the new anti-abortion law will be debated in the parliament in June 2012.  You can find the details here.

And this is my contribution to the Champaign, it says; This Is Not a Chicken!!!

This is not a chicken


Sunday Humble Sunday


On Sunday, my husband gave me this beautiful flowers, my favorite. I love purple. I love him.

And, we had lovely guests for the breakfast. We prepared a yummy table:)


I painted this glass bottle for my husband. The colours present Mersin İdmanyurdu, his favorite football team. He will use this at his office.

If you want to make your life perfect, you must be loved by someone you love:) Life is easy and humble on Sunday:)

Cooking Artichoke Joyfully


Personally, artichokes are not so tasty but they are so healthy. These days, on TV, on magazines, everyone is talking about benefits of it, they almost say it is the source of life. Inevitable result; I cooked it.

My recipe is below. I suggest you to look at better recipes on the internet but mine is easier hihi:)
Artichokes, a lemon, an orange, garlic cloves, onions, a carrot, sugar, salt and lots of olive oil. Quarter the artichokes and clean (I warn you, it is the most difficult part). Squeeze the lemon. Chop everything else. First, fry onions and carrot and add everything with a little bit water. Cook about 30 minutes.

Afiyet Olsun.
Bone Petite.
Have a nice Meal.

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